Untrusted - playtesting alpha 1.057 on 10/11 October!

The next alpha event is Saturday October 10th (8UTC) and Sunday October 11th (19UTC)!

Make sure to join the discord server to check if there is an impromptu game going on before that date!

This new patch addresses some important balance changes, mostly adding a new win condition for agents (as netsec could relax too much in late game if they got the field agent) and allowing "Strike Deal" to not lose the charge on failure. Additionally, the resentful criminal win condition has been tweaked a little, and many changes (both server side and client side) should make untrusted a better experience!

Alpha v1.057 changelog

Balance Changes / New features

+ AGENTs have a new win condition, bringing the total to three
    > NEW: prevent the node from being hacked, while having arrested or killed the original operation leader, by the end of the hacking time limit.
    > Get root from the operation leader (unchanged from previous patches)
    > Arrest or kill all NETSEC operatives (unchanged from previous patches)
+ "Strike Deal" will not deplete its charge until successful (cooldown still applies on failure)
+ Resentful Criminal win condition has been changed to having both the original OL and the AL out of play and surviving, regardless of which factions wins (if any)

Client Changes

+ Added "Append Empty Action" button in log generator helper UI
+ Added an experimental (partial) Dyslexia Friendly font option (must be activated in the main menu options)
+ Fixed a bug that would show duplicates in the log generator UI
+ Fixed caret not showing in the personal log window on most systems
+ Fixed a crash in the tutorial (WebGL version only)
+ Email List Panel - removed adaptive font, now uses a fixed font size for less janky visuals

Servers Side Changes

+ Fixed a performance issue that would cause some events to be processed twice
+ Fixed an issue that would in very rare cases hangs the game creation process
+ Fixed an issue on "frame" that would crash the server in certain configurations

Known issues

+ 1.055 and prior will not show immediately the "You must download the latest version" message upon login. If the login screen is stuck on "Logging in.." please make sure you are running the latest version.


Untrusted-Alpha-Linux_x86_64.1057.tar.gz 42 MB
Oct 08, 2020
Untrusted-Alpha-Win64.1057.zip 41 MB
Oct 08, 2020
webgl1057.zip 31 MB
Oct 08, 2020

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