Untrusted - v1.161 - Changelog

Upcoming Discord Bot changes (Courtesy of Goon!)

+ Check discord.gg for more information as these changes in the discord bot are not live yet. Bottom line is, this patch was necessary mainly to adapt the client and the server API for some upcoming changes in the discord bot.

Balance changes

+ Mutator "Training Wheels" rebalance: D1N1 : timer x2 ; D2N2: timer 1.5 ; Every other day or night afterwards: +15s

+ Mutator boxes now have a 100% chance of working when deployed.

Client-Side changes

+ Supporters can now see their supporter code in the Account settings. The supporter code can be used for the aforementioned Discord bot improvements.

+ Fixed minor typos

Server-Side Changes

+ Fixed "Double Crosser" issue with "Doxx and Stalk" not showing the NETSEC icon near the player name.

+ Miscellaneous minor improvements


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62 days ago

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