Untrusted - v1.152 - Changelog

New Features

+ Added 7 new badges: Knowledgeable, Good Boy, Bad Boy, Dangerous Playground, PB&J, Full House, Natural Talent

+ Added 1 new avatar for upcoming giveaway

+ Added September Supporter token and avatar (Available for purchase from September 1st)

Balance Changes

+ "Salted Meat", "Pencil" and "Soda" purchase requirement has been lowered to Level 1.

Server Side Changes

+ Removed mistakenly awarded Season 4 badge from affected players and fixed the bug causing it

+ Minor performance improvements

Client Changes

+ Fixed breakline issue in logs introduced in 1.151

+ Minor miscellaneous improvements

Known Issues

+ August token's avatar (Script Kiddie Hallucination) isn't Script-Kiddish enough. It will be re-hallucinated soon.


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Aug 27, 2022

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