Untrusted - v1.153 - Changelog and Community Event

New Features

+ Added new mutator "OPJAM": makes ASC mostly useless

Discord Bot

+ Now with live playercount stats! Special thanks to Goon for the great work!

Client Changes

+ Fixed the "Script Kiddie Hallucination" avatar

+ Minor miscellaneous changes

Community Event

We've partenered up with Friendly Pixel, the software house behind the upcoming social deduction game 'Trust No Bunny' ( https://friendlypixel.com/ ) Tune in to #streaming on discord.gg/untrusted this Wednesday 14th, starting 21.30CEST - we will playing and streaming a bit of Trust No Bunny and Untrusted - the idea behind this is that our small communities will get to know each other, discover the games and grow stronger!

Some members of the TNB community have already been trying out untrusted, so please make sure to give everyone a warm welcome, both here and ingame! You can also join their discord here: https://discord.gg/b5kJSSE2ks

...so please consider playing Untrusted this Wednesday starting 21:30 CEST, if possible, so that we can help newcomers learning the ropes! Lets have a play meetup so that we can help new players enjoy the game. There will also be some codes dropping during the streams, over twitch, ingame, and in the discord as well, for some goodies!


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Sep 10, 2022

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