Untrusted - playtesting alpha 1.040

New patch is out!

Make sure to join the playtest this Sunday, July 26th at 19:00 UTC!

This new patch tackles gameplay balance (with significant changes to certain skill, a new "Wipe" skill, and a reworked "Resentful Criminal" skill) as well as many other improvement that should improve the overall experience.

Some new experimental changes are in as well, for example a new algorithm to generate (hopefully) more interesting network topologies as well as a new webviewer (to read back the game after it's finished) and new players experience and levels (for bragging rights only)

Hop on discord.playuntrusted.com and join the community!

Changelog Alpha v.1040

New Features

+ Added an online webviewer for taking a look of what happened in the game after the game has ended! You will be prompted to see it/share it at the end of the game.
+ Added ranks and experience (currently no use whatsoever if not for bragging rights).

Balance Changes

+ New skill "Wipe"
+ Converted Investigative gains "Wipe Skill"
+ "Frame" now allows to arrest classes that have the "No Dirt On Me" skill
+ "Frame" now only shows classes that do not have the "No Dirt On Me" skill
+ "Tip off Authorities" reworked into the new "Bait Law Enforcement" skill
+ "Resentful Criminal" loses "Misdirection"
+ "Resentful Criminal" gains "Impersonate"
+ "Alter Logs" is now immune to Denail of Service
+ "Midnight Meeting" can't be used twice in a row (Cooldown 2) as it would allow bashing the same player.
+ Operation Leader gains additional coins when winning
+ Agent Leader gains additional coins/xp when winning
+ Bounty Hunter gains additional coins/xp when winning
+ Agents gains less coins/xp for each dead player (regardless if they were the cause)
+ Sociopath gains additional coins/xp when winning
+ Sociopath gains "Hack Node" and a very low capture chance (up from 0%)
+ Journalist gets additional coins/xp for each article exceeding the quota (3) required for winning the game
+ "Get Scoop" has now a 100% chance of working (when targeting suitable classes. Usuitable classes are other Journalists and Script Kiddies.)
+ "Hack Node" skill now has a dynamic bonus depending on the initial count of players. This means that hacking will roughly have a ~5% more chance of success on a 10 player games, compared to a 16 players game. + "Retrieve Keylogger" no longer shows a message to everyone, but only to the actual inside man that successfully retrieve it.
+ "Retrieve Keylogger" will no longer retrieve all keyloggers planted, but at most 1 keylogger.
+ "Converted NETSEC/Field-OP" gains "Follow"
+ "Converted NETSEC/Field-OP" loses "Add Route"
+ "Probe Node" slightly buffed
+ "Investigate Hideout" now will additionaly follow the target (same effect as follow)
+ "Arrest" and "Strike Deal" will now give a generic "Someone was watching you last night" message rather than "Law enforcement showed up at your door last night".

Server side changes

+ Fixed a bug that would allow to see links to nearby network on the same layer, even if no nodes were taken over by NETSEC.
+ Fixed a bug that would cause kill votes to not be processed with the correct priority in certain specific skill event configuration. They are now processed always at the beginning of the turn.
+ Fixed a bug that would incorrectly show "Add Route" skill as logged
+ Fixed few events with wrong priority in event list
+ Changed (Improved, hopefully) topology generation algorithm
+ Minor bugfixes
+ Minor database improvements

Client side changes

+ Added a player counter in lobby
+ Minor user experience improvements
+ "Log Writer" selected class will not reset upon turn change but will remember your last selection
+ Fixed a bug were pressing ESC would not close the overlay helper for skills descriptions
+ Fixed typos, added new exciting typos for you to find and report + Minor bugfixes


Untrusted-Alpha-Linux_x86_64.1040.tar.gz 39 MB
Jul 24, 2020
Untrusted-Alpha-WebGL.1040.zip 31 MB
Jul 24, 2020
Untrusted-Alpha-Win64.1040.zip 38 MB
Jul 24, 2020

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