Untrusted - playtesting alpha 1.035

Untrusted alpha 1.035 has been released!

This patch addresses some bugs discovered in the previous playtest as well as experiments new gameplay mechanics.

The changelog is pretty large, compared to the previous patches:

Changelog Alpha v.1035

Balance Changes

+ GAMEPLAY: the target node is now initially known only to AGENTs (Inside Men do not know the IP, but will recognize it when they can connect to it). The target node is always still in the last column, and although a "blind" win is possible, using the "download intel" skill on a secondary target will still show the target again.
+ GAMEPLAY: added 24h to the hack deadline
+ "Inside Man": will know if a node is the target, as soon as it is visible to him (Gains "Target Knowledge" skill)
+ "Insider Knowledge": nerfed from infinite charges to 2 charges
+ "Download Intel" has now been buffed: nodes can now spawn with 4 different intel types: they can now either (1) add 24h to the timer OR (2) show the target IP to everyone OR (3) learn the classtype of a random living player OR (4) confirm the identity of a random living mole (if any).
+ "Hack" chance increased by 10% to all hacking capable classes
+ "Spill the beans" allows the arrests counted for the bounty to be within 48h hours (up from 24h)
+ "Enforcer" loses the "Not a snitch" skill
+ "CCTV specialist" loses the "Not a snitch" skill
+ "Blackhat" gains the "Not a snitch" skill
+ "Analyst" gains the "Not a snitch" skill
+ "Analyst" gains the "Download Intel" skill
+ "Analyst" loses the "Data Mining" skill
+ "Frame" is now a night skill and visits the target player
+ "Download Intel": Fixed a bug that would allow to download the same intel over and over from the same node
+ Fixed missing "Not a snitch" skill to Journalist and Bounty Hunter in the ingame manual and website manual
+ "Bounty Hunter" now gains additional coins for each arrest exceeding the quota (3) required for winning the game
+ "Bounty Hunter" gains "Plant fake information"
+ There can now only be maximum 1 bounty hunter per game (down from 2)
+ There can now only be maximum 1 sociopath per game  (down from 2)

Server side changes

+ Improved server performance
+ Fixed a bug that would not serve correctly the visibily of the network topology in certain configurations
+ Fixed a minor bug on "Insider Knowledge" skill
+ Fixed a bug where rollback didn't have priority over hacking skills (DDoS still has the most priority, even over rollback)
+ Fixed a bug that wouldn't let the bounty hunter win if he had more than 3 bounties.
+ Fixed a bug that would count a bounty also for non-framed arrested neutral classes.
+ Fixed an issue that would sometimes process events twice

Client side changes

+ Improved end match summary screen
+ Improved autoscroll: when switching between NETSEC and AGENT chat, autoscroll will automatically activate
+ Improved message for missing text - if you find one please let me know the exact message so i can fix that :)
+ Few missing text sentences have been fixed
+ Added AGENT background to ASC chat (although it's hilarious when people write in the wrong chat this is a necessary change. Sorry.)
+ Fixed a bug that will show the previous hacking animation if no actions were taken the day after the one where an action was commited
+ Added a message at end of the turn for those actions unable to complete due to DDoS or Rollback. + Fixed misleading screenshots in tutorial due to network topology visibility bug
+ WEBGL version: fixed an issue that prevented the social media button to work in the main menu
+ WEBGL version: possibly fixed an issue with zoomed in browser - please report if the problem persist (try resizing the window and then trying again)

Known Issues
+ WEBGL version: ignores the preference set in the options for music in game. Sorry! Will be fixed soon!

The gameplay  change

In all previous games in all previous playtest, all nodes on the fourth layer (column) were always ignored as the target node was known to everybody. This creates an issue in balancing as well as creates useless routes - so the solution we are experimenting today allow for a more uncertain topology - only the inside man knows the target node (and NETSEC must own a node directly connected to it) although now netsec can use "download intel" to discover it.

Hopefully, this will make things more interesting - rushing blindly is still a viable solution, however, riskier. To compensate this, we're experimenting a 10% chance buff to all hacking classes! 

Other classes have been adjusted a bit, most notably a rework of the bounty hunter as it was to difficult to win.


webgl.zip 31 MB
Jul 05, 2020
Untrusted-Alpha-Linux_x86_64.1035.tar.gz 39 MB
Jul 05, 2020
Untrusted-Alpha-Win64.1035.zip 38 MB
Jul 05, 2020

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