Untrusted - v1.1467 - Changelog + Manhunt Community Event

A dangerous cybercriminal has been arrested recently, and is now on the run from AGENT after a spectacular jailbreak:

Impersonate the manhunt AGENT team:
7 avatars are available for purchase using untrusted coins for the duration of the event. Once the manhunt event is completed, these avatars won’t be available for purchase anymore.

Gather clues: play games as you normally would to gather clues – under specific circumstances you may be shown a clue that will lead you to the identity of the escaped convict. Clues are shown at the end of the game and will not be (obviously) saved in the game web logs – make sure to write them down! You can click “Event Logs” while you are in the post-game lobby if you need to re-read the game clue.

Win coins and bragging rights: as you gather clues, you can piece together a special code that can unlock 250.000 untrusted credits and an exclusive avatar. Playing with friends? There’s an additional 250.000 coins that can be split with your team (up to 5 teammates, the winner gets 250.000 and the (up to 5) teammates split additional 250.000 coins, e.g. 5×50.000 or 2×125.000, etc). More clues may be available on the Official Discord Server ( http://discord.playuntrusted.com )

Learn more at : https://www.playuntrusted.com/patch-1-147-is-out-featuring-the-manhunt-event/

Good Luck!

Patch changelog:

Untrusted - v1.147 - Changelog

New Features

+ The "Manhunt" event is now live! Obtain clues that will lead you to a code for 250.000 coins, an exclusive avatar and an exclusive badge! Check discord.playuntrusted.com or playuntrusted.com to learn more about how to take part in the event!

+ 7 New Avatars available for purchase, the "Manhunt Team" series. These avatars will be available for purchase only during the "Manhunt" event, get them while you can!

Server Side Changes

+ Fixed an issue with "Doxx and Stalk" not working correctly against the "Agent Scum" passive under certain circumstances

Client Side Changes

+ Improved Italian translation

+ Miscellaneous minor fixes


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Apr 09, 2022

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