​ Untrusted - v1.143 - Changelog

Balance Changes

+ Network Specialist hacking chance changed from Moderate to Low

+ Increased "Network Insights" bonus

+ Minor "Probe Node" rebalance

+ Field Agent is now always a guaranteed spawn

+ Forensics Specialist may now spawn instead of a neutral.

Spawn pool chance rebalance. The "maximum 2x netsec classes" limit may have an exception from now on under certain specific spawn conditions.

+ Bounty Hunter "citizen's arrest" has been roll backed to "Cooldown 3"

+ Bounty Hunter "citizen's arrest" increased to 3 charges

+ "Blackhat" gains "priority target"

+ "CCTV Specialist" loses "Wiretap"

+ "CCTV Specialist" gains "Follow"

+ "Forensics Specialist" loses "Snitch to Cops"

+ "Forensics Specialist" gains "Ask The Right Question"

+ Removed "Handcuffs" and "Smartphone" mutator.

Server Side Changes

+ Minor miscellaneous bugfixes

Client Side Changes

+ none


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Feb 20, 2022

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