Untrusted - v1.131 - Changelog

Thank you to all of you who played the Winter Break Event! You have automatically obtained 50 credits for each obtained event point - already deposited in your untrusted account!

New features

+ New January supporter token and avatar! Oh wow, it's been 1 year since Steam Early Access already? Thank you so much for all your support!

+ Added Jukebox to Discord Rich Presence status (Steam Version only)

+ Added Partial Russian Community Driven Translation - credits & thanks to BrightOne! Please join the discord ( discord.gg/untrusted ) for feedback. Please note this is not a fully supported language yet. Shall this experiment go well, there will be more languages added in the future :)

Balance Changes

+ Credit payout adjustment: NETSEC classes obtain slightly more credits when winning by hacking the target node.

+ Credit payout adjustment: NETSEC classes obtain slightly less credits when winning by AGENT elimination.

+ Other minor payout adjustments

Server Side Changes

+ Fixed mass-dc issue (hotfixed on 1130b)

+ Fixed a bug where "Jam Network" and "ISP isolation" would misleadingly show the "your connection was interrupted" notification to Inside men planting keyloggers.

+ Miscellaenous improvements

Client Side Changes

+ The joined/left message and status are not longer shown for dead or arrested players


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Jan 03, 2022

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