Untrusted - v1.130 - Changelog

New features

+ New mutator "Soda Party": the script kiddie will become a panicked blabbermouth if the agent leader strikes a deal with him.

+ New mutator "Amateur Crew": the OL wasn't able to hire an assassin for this OPSEC. As a result, voting is not allowed.

+ New mutator "Screwdriver": every hacked node has a small chance of being rollbacked by a system administrator every night.

+ New mutator "Getaway Car": arrest is RNG based.  

Server Side Changes

+ Minor network perfomances tuning

Client Side Changes

+ Added gameplay tips when joining a lobby. Suggest some in the discord #suggestions channel :)

+ Added "streamer mode": enabled it in the main menu options to start with the steramer mode on, toggle it anytime during gameplay with F9. Please note this will still require to cover portions of your screen from your viewers for best results. Streamer mode removes the feedback of actions in chat, removes the icons of agent allies in the player list, anonymizes the ASC names, and does not gray out targets.
+ Minor translation fixes

Known Issues

+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave untrusted as "running" on steam


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Dec 12, 2021

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