Untrusted - v1.125 & Season 3 - Changelog

Untrusted - v1.125 - Changelog

New features

+ Season 3 starts today!

+ New class "Loose Cannon": make sure to read the class description from the ingame menu or from www.playuntrusted.com

+ New Skills "Agent Training", "Fake Escort", "Insurance"

+ New consumable "Service Pistol"

Balance Changes

+ "Field Agent" loses skill "Follow"

+ New Skill "AGENT training", grants a random skill upon spawn between "Follow", "Throw Under the Bus", "Interrogate"

+ "Field Agent" gains "AGENT training"

+ "Runaway Snitch" gains "Jam Network"

+ "Runaway Snitch" gains "Move Hideout"

+ To allow the "Loose Cannon" to have the "Agent Scum" passive skill (which was only owned by the Corrupt Detective until this point), "Agent Scum" has been split into 2 different skills: having the "Agent Scums" skill will give "AGENT" as result to a doxx attempt, while "Insurance" will show the Operation Leader identity upon death).

+ "Corrupt Detective" gains "Insurance"

+ "Mole" intel spawn chance has been heavily rebalanced.

+ Minor RNG adjustments

Server Side Changes

+ Fixed a bug where "doxx and stalk" would bypass "frame" used on neutrals under certain conditions
+ New server side debugging engine

+ Miscellaneous minor improvements

Client Side Changes

+ Added nickname ping sound to the pre-game lobby

+ Minor consumable art re-adjustments

+ Minor translations re-adjustments

+ Miscellanous minor improvements

Known Issues


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Nov 14, 2021

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