Untrusted - v1.120 & Halloween Event - Changelog

Untrusted - v1.120 - Changelog

New features

+ "Extra" section now available in main menu! See the Client side changes for more details.

+ Halloween event is live from now until November 1st, 23:59:59, CET.

+ Halloween event! +7 avatars, the "Spooktober 2021 collection - classic nightmares", exclusively unlockable with event points during this event!

+ Halloween event! +7 avatars, the "Spooktober 2021 collection - IT nightmares" exclusively unlockable with coins during this event!

+ Halloween event! +1 consumable, Magic Pumpkin. Gives you an extra event point when winning, and additionally [REDACTED]

Balance Changes

+ Halloween event! All operatives have a chance of getting "Trick or Treat" as an additional or replacement skill during an ingame "Halloween Night", announced at the beginning of the game. This skill acts exactly like Midnight Meeting (with different feedback messages) and grants +1 extra points when successful. Note that also non-visiting classes may get this skill during the ingame "Halloween night". The field agent will either get his "sting" or his "follow" ability replaced, if he's one of the operatives gaining "Trick or Treat".

Server Side Changes

+ Miscellaneous minor improvements

Client Side Changes

+ The English translation has been professionaly spellchecked. Please report if there's some inconsistency within the game lore/skills/game mechanics.

+ The game is now featuring a jukebox mode where you can listen to Untrusted's soundtrack. Click 'Extras' in the main menu (before logging in) to access the Jukebox and enjoy some tunes!

+ A vote indicator icon (to the right of every Operative name) will show if a player has yet to vote (red) or if the player has already cast a vote (green)

+ Miscellanous minor improvements


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Oct 16, 2021

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