Untrusted - v1.116 - Changelog

New features 

+ 10 new badges!

+ New skill "High Priority Target"

+ New skill "Keylogger Honeypot"

Balance Changes

+ "Field Agent" gains "Keylogger Honeypot"

+ "Plant Keylogger" behaviour changed: it can now target a node

+ "Retreieve Keylogger" can no longer 'steal' another inside man keylogger. Keyloggers no longer give the small generic hack bonus to non-keylogged nodes.
+ "Operation Leader" and "Resentful Criminal" gain "High Priority Target"

+ "Bounty Hunter" will now get an additional bounty when spilling or arresting a high priority target (as long as it's not framed).

+ Minor coin payout adjustment

+ Minor RNG rebalance

+ Experimental rework of "fake lag" behaviour of emails

Server Side Changes

+ Minor miscellaneous improvements and bugfixes

Client Changes

+ Fixed "stuck on yellow icon" in lobby when switching from ready to unready

+ Minor miscellaneous improvements

Known Issues

+ Miscellenous fairly rare bugs that were not yet investigated. I'm working on it :3

+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave untrusted as "running" on steam


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Aug 14, 2021

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