Untrusted v1.107 changelog

Balance Changes

+ "Setup" now allows you to pick your target and who they will be visiting. Keep in mind that if you choose for X to visit Y, X will be occupied, but not Y, while they will both get the same message and know each other identity. You may want to ask someone, for example the Agent Leader, to midnight meet Y for maximum effect and chaos.

+ Minor rebalancing of RNG based skill success rates.

Client Changes

+ Purchasing an identity will now require a confirmation

+ "Name" ping will no longer work with substrings (e.g. "murdered" will not trigger "Dr.Red" sfx ping)

+ Fixed "Redeem code" animation not always showing the correct avatar

+ Fixed "search for keylogger" plural message not showing correctly

+ Removed "unlimited" FPS option from Windows and Linux builds. Added 'Auto' option instead (which will use the detected monitor refresh rate).

+ Miscellaneous minor improvements

Servers Side Changes

+ Fixed a bug that would cause setup people not being shown as visiting in CCTVs

+ Miscellaneous minor improvements

Known Issues

+ Using follow on an enforcer which is protecting someone (which gets arrested) will get a "<enforcer> did not leave his hideout" message.

+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave untrusted as "running" on steam


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Jun 27, 2021

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