Untrusted v1.106 changelog

New Features

+ 7 new avatars "Famed Operatives" series available! These avatars will be purchasable for the whole summer, so until September 21st! Check the discord regualary as there will be some airdrops for some code to redeem them for free!

+ 2 new badges

+ 1 new consumable "Dr.Ochre mysterious package"

Balance Changes 

+ Experimental: "Corrupt Detective"'s "Agent Scum" won't trigger upon suicide. This will be reverted if it will be abused to not help agents discover the OL identity.

+ "Intelligence Informer" can now leave the "watched" feedback without actually visiting: the Agent Leader can choose wheter to have the informer spook or not the target. CCTVs can catch that "intelligence informer" was used, althought it will not reveal who the Agent Leader is (as the Agent Leader, effectively, does not visit the target)

+ "Blackmailed Informer" will now let the Rival Hacker know whenever agents have succesfully struck a deal with a player, possibly showing also the identity of the mole (RNG).

+ Coin rewards rebalance

Client Changes

+ It is now possible to paste directly in chat someone else's log.

+ Fixed other person's log not showing with dyslexia friendly font when selected in the options

+ Miscellaneous minor improvements

Servers Side Changes

+ Fixed a bug that made misdirection work on all skills targeting a player rather than all skills visiting the player

+ Fixed a bug where "upload intel" would fail under certain conditions

+ Fixed a bug where "doxx and stalk" would show 'NETSEC' in the event log, although it would then show 'AGENT' the day after, if it was moled on the same night, under certain action resolve conditions.

+ Miscellaneous minor improvements

Known Issues

+ Using follow on an enforcer which is protecting someone (which gets arrested) will get a "<enforcer> did not leave his hideout" message.

+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave untrusted as "running" on steam


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Jun 20, 2021

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