Untrusted v1.103 changelog

Balance Changes

+ "Hack Target" will now fail 100% of the time when the AL is trying to hack a non-visible by netsec node. This should have been the case before, however it would fail silently, and a bug (now fixed) allowed the hack to proceed if during the order turn resolve an actual hack would connect to the new node. This behaviour is no longer possible, and an explicit message is now displayed to the AL.

+ "Steal Intel" success chance increases everyt time it's attempted and failed.

+ Win streak multiplier for 16th win in a streak is now 4x, and 5x for 21st onwards

Client Changes

+ Fixed a bug in the tutorial (dotless 'i' issue) for Turkish-language based systems

+ Fixed a bug that would show 'Wrong Password' on the first steam login

+ Minor miscellaneous fixes (typos, etc)

Servers Side Changes

+ Improved network stability
+ Fixed a bug that would not refund a sociopath 'murder' charge if the sociopath if the target was no longer in play during the turn 'murder' was used.

+ Fixed a bug that caused double "spill the beans" on the same target to give an extra bounty. The "double dip" (arresting somone you spilled the beans on) tactic is still valid, although it may be removed in future patches.
+ Fixed a bug that caused Impartial Sabotage to go through successfully even after a successful ISP disconnection/jam

+ Fixed "Personal Matter" badge being awarded regardless of the "be alive" badge condition.

+ Minor miscellanoues fixes

Known Issues

+ Using follow on an enforcer which is protecting someone (which gets arrested) will get a "<enforcer> did not leave his hideout" message.

+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave untrusted as "running" on steam


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May 23, 2021

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