Untrusted leaves early access today!

Hello Operatives!

Today marks the release of Untrusted v.1100, the first official release outside of Early Access!

What does this mean for the game and the community? Lets take a quick look!

Leaving Early Access

Untrusted release on Steam Early access on January 29th, 2021. After more than 3 months, multiple updates have made the game very well balanced and stable enough to leave its Early Access state. This doesn't mean that there are no more bugs left, far from it, and more updates are coming in the future for sure.

With more than 1600 players in the  Official Untrusted Discord Server Untrusted now has an amazing community. Many people have been playing almost daily since the Early Access release and we are slowly, but constantly growing. Leaving early access and going into official release will boost the playerbase and hopefully reach a point where everytime anywhere people can find enough players to play. Keep in mind, needing 10-16 players per game is no easy effort for such a niche genre, and some waiting time is certainly still expected, and the network problem that "plagued" the early access release are now fixed. 

Back in early February, the CCU peak was 91 and the server started lagging much earlier. This performances issues are now long gone and the server should be able to serve a lot more before additional server or performance improvements are required. While some players still experience the occasional network issue (especially on browser due to some limitations due to how websocket works) the game is much more stable and ready for a more broad playerbase!

Supporter Store!

You can now support the development and maintenance of Untrusted! You can check the Donate page for more information (as more ways to help are coming soon!), but in short, every month a new badge and an exclusive avatar will be made available for purchase for a small sum. The avatar will be some way of showing your support, and at the same time it's a great way to 'immortalize' moments of Untrusted, as they are all inspired by particular events that happened when the badge was released, either an ingame event or something unrelated, such as a seasonal gimmick.

The Supporter Store requires to launch Untrusted via Steam. Playing on itch? No problem, you can donate here too, although you won't get any cool perks at this moment :(

Untrusted is still a hobby project - the best way to show support is by purchasing the supporter tokens, but of course you can help in many other ways!

There will be more information available soon on what are the next step in development, so you can also get a better feel if you think you should be spending your money on Untrusted or not.

You can still help untrusted without reaching your wallet: keep playing and spreading the word to help Untrusted grow!

Untrusted - v1.100 changelog

New Features

+ May supporter token is available for purchase from today until the end of June!

+ 'Season 1' Starts now!

+ 2 new badges

+ Added daily challenges! There are only currently only two types with 3 variations each - more challenges will come in the future!

+ Added new skill "Prepared for anything", granting 2 extra charges to "move hideout".

Balance Changes

+ Rival Hacker gains "Prepared for anything"

Client Changes

+ Fixed Steam page reporting the wrong amount of coins for the supporter badges. The Game client reported 16k (correctly) while the steam page reported 8k. Please note even if you purchased it from the web store, you correctly got 16k when redeeming the badge as it was just a description issue.

+ Steam users may now only createa a new account via Steam (you can still login via a standard account as usual)

+ Miscellaneous minor improvements and bugfixes

Servers Side Changes

+ Fixed an issue with the target node being able to spawn with intel

+ Fixed a bug where occupying actions from a player killed by vote would still apply under certain circumstances

+ Fixed a bug where players using 'Throw under the bus' would result occupied if the target used misdirection

+ Miscellaneous minor weblog and web profile fixes

+ Miscellaneous minor improvements and bugfixes

Known Issues

+ Creating a steam account may give "wrong password" on the first try, please simply try again if that happens. A fix will be rolled out soon.


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May 09, 2021

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