Untrusted - Early Access - v1.095 changelog

Balance Changes

+ Protection skills that move the operative hideout ("Move Hideout", "Escort", "Emergency Extraction", "Planned Raid") will now remove the CCTV, if present, on the escorted player. The CCTV camera will work the night of the move, even if installed the same night.

+ "Follow" will now output the '<target> has not left the safehouse' message regardless if a skill was used or not by the target.

+ Experimental turn duration length tweak - turns with more than 6 players will generally be shorter, but can still be increased via the use of consumable up to the previous 150s cap.

+ The shroom easter egg badge is no longer unlockable, although Shroom is still available for purchase.

+ Minor internal balance changes (RNG, spawn rates, etc.)

Client Changes

+ Fixed encrypted note "on" column not updating correctly.

+ It is now possible to press F8 while in lobby to refresh the online players / eta to next game statistics.

+ Miscellaneous minor improvements and bugfixes

Servers Side Changes

+ Experimental network improvements

+ Fixed a bug where a framed player turned mole could be arrested as target of 'throw under the bus'

+ Fixed a bug where "Throw under the bus" would allow someone to target itself creating hilarious scenarios

+ Miscellaneous minor improvements and bugfixes


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Apr 18, 2021

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