Untrusted - Beta 1.081 and playtest!

Beta patch 1.081 is out now!

Join us for the next Beta test session this Sunday (Jan 10th 2021) at 20UTC!

This patch addresses the last problematic balance issue (which has seen the agent faction a bit too vulnerable, with the enforcer too much confirmable) with a new skill, "Planned Raid", which replaces "Investigate Hideout", the least popular skill of all agent faction since Beta launch.

As we are getting closer to the Steam release (click here to wishlist it!) this patch also tackled more general fixes and - obviously not for the build uploaded here - the Steam integration, with achievements and steam login!

Untrusted - Early Access - v1.081 changelog

Balance changes / New features

+ New Skill: "Planned Raid" allows to mark a player for arrest, which will happen the night after that (visits the target). This delayed arrest can be prevented normally by any other protection skill during the night of the actual arrest.
+ Field Agent gains "Planned Raid". The bounty hunter skill will have priority ver the "Planned Raid" arrest, still giving the Bounty Hunter a bounty.
+ Field Agent loses "Investigate Hideout"
+ "Escort", "Emergency Extraction", "Planned Raid" will now show an extraction notice to the target player, when successful.
+ Adjusted avatar costs
+ Adjusted consumable costs
+ Adjusted Win/Loss obtained coins
+ Some avatars may no longer be available for unlock, or may be available via coupon code only.

Client Changes

+ Added Steam Login [Disabled]
+ Added Steam Achievements [Disabled]
+ Minor tutorial improvements
+ Fixed an issue with the vote counter color
+ Minor UI changes and typo fixes / missing translations fixed

Servers Side Changes

+ Miscellaneous Improvements

Beta v1.080 changelog

Balance changes / New features

+ None

Client Changes

+ Fixed a bug in the music player that would crash the WebGL version under certain conditions / stop the music playback
+ Fixed a bug that would not restart the menu music after a network error and then returning to the menu
+ Fixed a bug that would show the wrong "You are arrested!" message to a sociopath that was arrested after correctly becoming the new op leader
+ Minor UI changes

Servers Side Changes

+ Fixed a bug that would allow a conversion-immune to be converted if occupied the same turn
+ Fixed a bug that would not count the win as AL/FA when winning by getting granted root (for personal stats purposes)
+ Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause CCTV to not view correctly all visitors under certain event cuncurrency contidions

Known issues

+ Startup time may be slightly longer due to incomplete Steam Client integration - it shouldn't give you any issues regardless if you have steam or not.
+ typos, webviewer missing translation

Beta v1.079 changelog

Balance changes / New features

+ New Passive Skill : "Unsecured Device"
+ "Script Kiddie" gains "Unsecured Device"
+ Experimental New Game Mechanic : Agent Intel - certain events (currently, only arresting a player which has the 'Unsecured Device' passive skill - at this time, only the Ssript Kiddie) may give hints to agents (in the form of <Player> is not <Class>. RNG based. + "Script Kiddie Attack" skill success chance slightly increased (still very unlikely to succeed)
+ Removed "Add Route" from "Network Specialist"
+ Changed the time-limit gameplay balance. It is now 7 days up to 12 players, 8 days for 13-14 players, 9 days for 15-16 players.
+ Changed BGM (removed incompetech.com placeholder music, added songs by Travis Rise) - there are now two music sets, one for agents, one for non-agents.
+ Added new tutorial: "As An Agent" - a short introduction to learn the basics on log faking and how to use the agents-only chat.
+ Added 4 new badges
+ Added 6 new consumables which allow to slightly alter the duration of each round. Currently capped to +20 seconds/round.
+ Added 14 new unlockable avatars ("Suspect Sketch" series) + Added Badge Browser for players in lobby (Click on the player nickname to view his/hers unlocked badges)
+ Added private lobbies

Client Changes

+ Your ingame alias in the operatives list (e.g. Dr.Yellow) now will be colored green (if Netsec) orange (if agent) or red (if neutral).
+ Fixed an issue that would cause "Network Error" if the client had requested a lobby refresh just after the game was started. You *should* not get the occasional "Network Error" when starting a game anymore.
+ Committed action feedback will now also appear in the Agent Chat
+ Added "email <title> sent to <recipient>" in chat log
+ Miscellaneous minor changes and improvements

Servers Side Changes

+ Fixed "grant root" bug that would spam the "you have been granted root" event every turn, and not work correctly when given to sociopath under certain pre-conditions
+ Fixed "Doxx and Stalk" bug that would leak a successful "AGENT" status to all players owning the DOXX skill, and not just the player who used it on that turn.
+ Improved chat network performance
+ Server miscellenous improvements / code cleanup


Untrusted-Beta-Linux_x86_64.1081.tar.gz 58 MB
Jan 08, 2021
Untrusted-Beta-Win64.1081.zip 57 MB
Jan 08, 2021
webgl1081.zip 76 MB
Jan 08, 2021

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