Untrusted - playtesting beta 1.065

Beta patch v.1065 is out now!

Featuring a lot of UI improvements, this patch also improves the network as well as includes a lot of bugfixes and minor improvements!

Join us Sunday November 22 to playtest this newest patch! The event starts at 20UTC - join our discord at discord.playuntrusted.com to learn more or visit www.playuntrusted.com !

Beta v1.065 changelog

Balance Changes / New features

+ The "Cover checks out" skill will now protect the Agent Leader's identity if dead before Day 4, showing a random netsec class instead to all non-agents.
+ New skill "Snitch to Cops" allows the "Runaway Snitch" to perform an arrest
+ Lowered "Disorganized Murder" murder chance from 75% to 60%

Client Changes

+ Improved network stability, added auto-rejoin to realtime chat instead of showing network error message + Improved mouseover UI on playerlist and other players' personal log UI
+ Added Account Settings window (click on the key icon in the top right corner once logged in) which allows you to resend the verification email, subscribe to the Untrusted mailing list and change your password
+ Added a "network problem" icon near the players' alias whenever he/she is currently not in game
+ Added a notification icon in the "TOGGLE A.S.C." button that will let you know if you have unread messages in the other chat that need your attention
+ Fixed a bug that would cause the new mail sound to play multiple times when rejoining a game in progress
+ Miscellaneous minor changes and fixes

Servers Side Changes

+ Fixed a bug that would show the real class on framed players when dead
+ Fixed a bug that would count "Citizen Arrests" on neutral, non framed classed, as a valid bounty
+ Fixed a bug that would show the wrong vote count in certain cases when rejoinin a game in progress mid-vote
+ Miscellaneous bugfixes

Known issues

+ "Add Route" seems to be bugged, however it will likely be reworked in future patches.
+ [Linux/Windows] some versions prior 1.059 had a bug in the default options - if you are upgrading from an older installation, make sure you pick a suitable FPS target (or delete your untrusted.profile file in your Documents/Untrusted directory), as having it as "unlimited" may use a lot of GPU processing for no real reason (you don't really need 500fps for untrusted :) )


Untrusted-Beta-Linux_x86_64.1065.tar.gz 42 MB
Nov 21, 2020
Untrusted-Beta-Win64.1065.zip 41 MB
Nov 21, 2020
webgl1065.zip Play in browser
Nov 21, 2020

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