Untrusted - Beta Launch!

With today's patch, Untrusted is moving from alpha to beta stage! What does this mean?

  • The game is finally stable to a point where all major issues have been resolved. Sure, there are still some quirks and improvements that need to be made but that’s what the beta phase is for!
  • Balance-wise there is still work to do, but we’re getting there

The changelog is quite extensive and can be found at the bottom of this page, however, in short:

Join the Official Beta Launch Playtest !

The official beta launch playtest will take place at 20:00 UTC on November 8th 2020! Join us to break the first beta build!

Joining the Discord Server is strongly recommended!

Balance Changes / New features

+ New class: introducing the “Rival Hacker” to the Untrusted world! This (non-unique) neutral hacking class wins as long as he is still in play at the end of the game, and netsec loses.
+ “Grant root” no longer shows to the target the Operation Leader identity. If the operation leader desires to reveal himself, he will need to do that explictily.
+ “Emergency Extraction” has been lowered to 2 charges and had its cooldown increased by 48 hours.
+ “Ask the Right Question” no longer occupies the target, and has its cooldown increased by 24 hours (now Cooldown 3).
+ “Log Analysis” has its cooldown increased by 48 hours
+ “Analyst” hacking chance has been lowered from “Moderate” to “Low”
+ “Network Specialist” gains new skill “Review Connection Logs”
+ “Wire shark” is now a skill that will detect who is behind a denial of service attack, when used. Balanced accordingly.
+ “Sociopath” loses “Wire shark”
+ “Resentful Criminal” loses “Bait Law Enforcement” and gains “Disorganized Murder”
+ “Resentful Criminal” is now a unique class
+ “Bait Law Enforcement” now changed to mimic the “spill the beans” behaviour, sending an anonymous tip to agents.
+ “Bait Law Enforcement” cooldown increased by 48 hours
+ “CCTV Specialist” gains “Bait Law Enforcement”
+ “Bounty Hunter” loses follow
+ “Bounty Hunter” gains new skill “citizen’s arrest”
+ “Social Engineer” gains “Impersonate”
+ “Agent Leader” gains “Midnight Meeting”
+ “Doxx and Stalk” now visits the target

Client Changes

+ Encrypted Note “Suspected” role will automatically fill in the discovered role upon a player death or arrest, if said entry was not explicitly selected by the user.
+ Added “unique” and “guaranteed” spawn modifiers in game manual
+ Added Russian for auto-join matchmaking language preference 😉 do you want to add your language too? Help me reach some local community to help them start playing the game :3
+ Fixed a bug that would not restore the “Personal Log” and “Event Log” buttons as interactable if the turn was ended mid-action awaiting the target selection.
+ [WEBGL ONLY] Switched the Help key to F2 as F1 is generally bound to the browser help key
+ [WEBGL ONLY] Fixed the WebGL version not fallbacking correctly in email window and log window to cyrillic text
+ [WEBGL ONLY] Fixed the WebGL version not applying correctly the audio volume preference
+ Minor improvements and bugfixes

Servers Side Changes

+ Fixed a bug that would not count “Impartial sabotage” as a successful scoop, causing the server to reject the third “write article” request and kicking the player off the game.
+ Fixed a bug on “ask the right question” not working correctly when using it on an Agent Leader that spawned with “Hack”.
+ Fixed a bug that would not add fake logs on a node when using “Impartial Sabotage”
+ Fixed the OPSEC Webviewer (2 bugs out of 3)
+ Minor improvements and bugfixes

Known issues

+ “Add Route” seems to be bugged, however it will likely be reworked in future patches.
+ Vote counter may be still broken when rejoining a game with a vote in progress in certain cases.
+ [Linux/Windows] Version 1.059 had a bug in the default options – make sure you pick a suitable FPS target if you are upgrading, as having it as “unlimited” may use a lot of GPU processing for no real reason (you don’t really need 500fps for untrusted 🙂 )


Untrusted-Beta-Linux_x86_64.1060.tar.gz 42 MB
Nov 03, 2020
Untrusted-Beta-Win64.1060.zip 41 MB
Nov 03, 2020
webgl1060.zip 30 MB
Nov 03, 2020

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