Untrusted - playtesting alpha 1.055

Alpha patch v.1055 is out now!

Featuring a major balance change (extended topology for 13-14 players game and for 15-16 players game) and collectable badges, this patch also fixes some bugs that were previously discovered and some other minor changes, including typos and descriptions.

Join us Sunday October 4th to playtest this newest patch! There will be two events, one at 13UTC and one at 19UTC - join our discord at discord.playuntrusted.com to learn more or visiti www.playuntrusted.com !

Alpha v1.055 changelog

Balance Changes / New features

+ Games up to twelve players will use the standard 3x4 grid, 13p-14p games will use a 3x5 grid, and 15p-16p games will use a 4x5 grid
+ Added badges that you can unlock by playing - no gameplay benefit, just bragging rights! (Badges at the moment have a crude and more ore less temporary art)

Client Changes

+ Minor typos fixed
+ Removed lobby minigame (may or may not come back in the future :3 )

Servers Side Changes

+ Fixed an issue that would prevent an agent to be counted as win after being given root
+ Fixed an issue with the "Arrest Failed" event that was causing it to be still shown as public
+ Fixed an issue in the webviewer which would incorrectly show fake events (e.g. added by alter logs) as actual committed actions

Known issues

+ 1.055 and prior will not show immediately the "You must download the latest version" message upon login. If the login screen is stuck on "Logging in.." please make sure you are running the latest version.


Untrusted-Alpha-Linux_x86_64.1055.tar.gz 42 MB
Oct 03, 2020
Untrusted-Alpha-Win64.1055.zip 41 MB
Oct 03, 2020
webgl1055.zip 31 MB
Oct 03, 2020

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