Untrusted - Patch 1.051

Playtest the Alpha on Sunday, September 20th 2020, 19:00 UTC

Small patch preparing for tomorrow's test! Join our discord: http://discord.playuntrusted.com

Alpha v1.051 changelog

Balance Changes

+ "Field agent" gains "Alter Logs"
+ "Agent Leader" can no longer spawn "Alter Logs" skill
+ "Strike Deal" has now a 24 hours cooldown
+ "Ask the right question" has now 2 charges (down from infinite)
+ "Script Kiddie" gains "Move Hideout"
+ Failed arrests messages due to protection are no longer shown to everybody (unless the player was dead) but to the agent and the target only.
+ Lowered Night 1 duration to a fixed 60 second turn
+ Slight increase in turn duration

Client Changes

+ Raised network max retries before failing to "connection error".
+ Added "Attempt Reconnection" whenever the game status connection to the game fails.
+ Added 2560x1440 resolution experimental support (I can't test it :< please let me know if works correctly!) [Windows,Linux] + The options menu will now list only resolutions actually supported by the current screen [Windows,Linux]
+ Fixed manual not showing correctly occupation skills
+ Fixed WEBGL crash in manual when checking the sociopath
+ Fixed a bug that would not hide the "purchase indentity" button causing a crash when trying to buy the same avatar twice
+ Fixed a bug that would leave agents stuck in their chat at endgame if the chat channel was open
+ Added the "annoyd" minigame to the game lobby (unlocks at level 3). This will likely disappear once the game has a stable population :3

Servers Side Changes

+ Minor code cleanup
+ Minor fixes
+ Lowered preparation night event screen duration


Untrusted-Alpha-Win64.1051.zip 41 MB
Sep 19, 2020
webgl1051.zip 31 MB
Sep 19, 2020
Untrusted-Alpha-Linux_x86_64.1051.tar.gz 42 MB
Sep 19, 2020

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